2001 in Review

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Janaye and Barney
Janaye got to meet the big purple dinosaur last winter. We got a photo session before his big “Magical Castle” stage show. Janaye was delighted, Dad was ---- too.

Janaye & Joey in KC
Here’s Janaye playing with cousin Joey at Grandma and Grandpa Walker’s backyard last summer. We spent a few days at Mom and Dad’s before heading down to Roaring River (MO.) to go trout fishing - see next picture.

Gone Fishin’
Michelle with her 3 trout after a hard morning of fishing at Roaring River State Park in Missouri. I think it had been 20 years since I last cast my line in those waters. The heat and humidity were horrible but the company and fishing were great.

Janaye at her New Table
Janaye was happy to give up pacifiers for her new art desk. She waffled a few times until I told her that I would get her pacifier right after I boxed up her desk. She quickly changed her mind (thank goodness).

That’s a good description of a trip to Orlando. Kinda like the Army - hurry up and wait (in line). Actually I was told the lines were short because of the terrorist attacks. Janaye had a great time. Looking back, it was a nice break from work. I didn’t think it would still be that hot in September!

Preschool Show
Janaye’s preschool had a show using the book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”. Janaye was the red bird as shown in the picture. She was singing at the top of her lungs in this strange, forced voice that had everyone in the audience snickering.

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